Views from the Edge

Short Answers to Some Hard Questions

Wrapping your head around climate change can often feel overwhelming. Many people experience environmental apathy or even grief when trying to comprehend the enormity of the situation.

Freedom For Some, But Not All

The Guardian recently published an article called, “Freeing up the rich to exploit the poor—that’s what Trump and Brexit are about”. While the title certainly speaks for itself, the author delves into what the term “freedom” often entails. He suggests that the propaganda of freedom promised by the Trump Administration and Brexiters is really “the freedom of the very rich to exploit us”.

Waterloo to Teach the Rest of Us New Tricks

Waterloo, Ontario will begin a pilot program to turn dog waste into energy and fertilizer. Our current mode of disposing dog poop leaves municipal garbage bins up to 80% full of just doggie bags. This is a shockingly high percentage, considering how much garbage is produced every year. To address this problem, one man in Waterloo borrowed an old idea from rural life and updated it for the city. Small green receptacles will be placed in parks in Waterloo (starting with three parks for the pilot) for the special disposal of dog poop.

Recharge in Quebec’s Cottage Country

Rawdon, Quebec is a cottagey town to the north of Montreal with a population of only 11,000. Yet Rawdon and the surrounding region of Lanaudière have the highest per capita rate of electric car ownership in Quebec, as The Star reports. What makes this tiny town so eco-friendly?

The Canary in the Coal Mine

A museum that celebrates the founding of the coal mining industry in a small town in Southeast Kentucky will soon be powered by clean, renewable energy. Owned by Southeast Kentucky Community and Technical College, The Kentucky Coal Mining Museum has ironically found a new way to cut down costs: solar energy.

Just in Time for Spring: the Hidden Beauty of Pollination

It’s a good time to revisit this 2011 TED talk by Louie Schwartzberg. He is a time-lapse nature photographer whose work is all about what we cannot see. In this talk he zeroes in on pollinators--hummingbirds, bees, bats, and butterflies--and how colony collapse disorder is possibly the most serious problem we face today.

Anne of Green Gables and Climate Change?

What do Anne of Green Gables, the greenhouse gas effect, and climate change all have in common? Well, more than you’d think. 

These Corporations Won’t Sugar-Coat Climate Change

Mars Inc., Staples, the Gap, Levi Strauss, Seventh Generation, and even ExxonMobil have come out against Trump’s reversal of the clean power plan and other climate regulations.

Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

This article in Scientific American calls for high-tech companies to emulate systems found in nature. Written by Yale University professor, Oswald Schmitz, it addresses the flawed manufacturing and consumerism system of advanced technology.

The Mail Carrier that's Breaking Barriers

Unlike in Canada, where ‘save door-to-door’ signs are a common sight, the postal service in Germany does not need any saving. The Deutsche Post DHL is the world’s largest postal and courier service, so it’s no surprise that they are ahead of the curve in other areas as well. The Deutsche Post teamed up with a startup to create a zero emission electric delivery van.