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Research blog highlights equitable and just sustainability transitions

We recently discovered this great website called “Equitable and just sustainability transitions through social science insight”, penned by Dr. Stephen Zavestoski. As a professor in the Environmental Studies Program and Department of Sociology at the University of San Francisco, he is “weaving together [his] personal life, research, and teaching to move society toward” "equitable and just sustainability transitions through social science insight” (Stephen Savestoski, n.d., Home).

A Basic Income for Canadians - Metcalf Foundation Releases Report

The Metcalf Foundation just released a report called, “A Basic Income for Canadians: What would change?”, written by Metcalf Innovation Fellow and income security expert John Stapleton.

Database mines oil sands advertising

Check out this SSHRC funded research project called MediaToil, that is researching the competing media representations of Canada’s bituminous sands - also known as oil or tar sands - as seen through the promotional images and documents created by key stakeholders. They are interested in how the representational struggle over Alberta’s oil sands has played out in the publications and campaigns of select oil sands stakeholders.

GTI Announces New Milestones

Aerial view of a city

Community Energy Planning Getting to Implementation in Canada (GTI) Initiative is a multi-year national initiative that is empowering communities to take a leading role on energy, including innovative energy projects such as renewable electricity, district energy, biomass, landfill gas capture, clean transportation, electric vehicles and others. 

Rating Canada's Climate Policy: Sustainable Canada Dialogues reports on 2016 progress

With the ratification earlier this month of the Paris Agreement countries of the world have officially embarked in a global race to implement ambitious climate policies that contribute to reducing green-house gas emissions at the planetary-scale. If Canada wants to shine in 2020, domestic climate policies must rapidly be adopted to accelerate the low carbon transition.

New Tool Assists with Community Energy Plan Implementation

The Community Energy Implementation Framework is a guide to help communities move Community Energy Plans from a vision to implementation.

Upcoming Nature Canada Ball

Please join Nature Canada at their upcoming ball honouring Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, Nature Canada's 100th "Woman For Nature" Patron. This black tie event will also feature Margaret Atwood. 

2015 QUEST Impact Report Released

Advancing Smart Energy Communities in Canada

QUEST Canada (Quality Urban Energy Systems of Tomorrow) has just released their 2015 Impact Report—a snapshot of the research, engagement and advocacy work that is advancing Smart Energy Communities in Canada.

Upcoming Conference at the University of Saskatchewan

Connecting Education and Environment Conference Poster

The Sustainability Education Research Institute (SERI), Sustainability and Education Policy Network (SEPN), and partners are pleased to invite you to take part in a unique opportunity to engage with internationally recognized researchers, educators, and policy makers working in the area of education and environment. 

A Nearly Carbon-Free Conference

Climate Change: Views from the Humanities