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QUEST 2014 Innovation and Implementation

Cities and communities have a key role to play in energy! Get in to the action by joining QUEST’s vast network at QUEST2014: Innovation and Implementation.

Upcoming 2014 Women’s Congress for Future Generations

The 2014 Women’s Congress for Future Generations is happening in Minneapolis, MN, November 7-9.
This Congress follows the first Women’s Congress for Future Generations in Moab, Utah that created the Bill of Rights for Future Generations and Bill of Responsibilities for Present Generations. The focus of this event will be adding to that Declaration with a Bill of Rights for Water.

A new business model for food retail

The West End Well is a cooperatively owned grocery store in Ottawa that aims to bring healthy, local foods to the community. The enterprise differs from most organic retail in that it attempts to break the convention of quality foods being accessible only to those of higher incomes.

Sustainability of Small Communities: Why and How October 2nd & 3rd

Taken from the International Sustainability Education Foundation website:

Create a better world for tomorrow: this is the motive driving conversations about sustainability around the globe from international conventions to family dinner tables, from government meetings to our workshop on October 2nd and 3rd in Parksville BC. The task at hand, however, is challenging. It requires the action of a community: all of us!

Seed Map, an online tool for exploring the origins of our food

Seed Map is an interactive and user-friendly website that provides information on the sources of our food, critical challenges for agriculture, and ideas on how to sustainably develop agricultural systems. The site contains news, resources, and information on campaigns. In addition, the site features an interactive map that allows you to locate and explore case studies from around the world on agricultural diversity, issues, and innovations.

Hope and the ‘Art of The Possible’ in the face of Climate Change - Event in Victoria

Hope and the ‘Art of The Possible’ in the face of Climate Change brings Rob Abbott to speak at the AGM of the British Columbia Sustainable Energy Association (BSCEA), Victoria Chapter. Rob Abbott is one of Canada’s leading sustainability strategists and Executive Director of Carbon Neutral Government and Outreach with the Province's Climate Action Secretariat.

The Digital Basin Portal

The RDI and the SGRC announce the launch of the Digital Basin Portal.

Emissions: A Climate Comedy

An interesting opportunity has been posted on for someone with an aptitude and/or interest in both the theatrical arts and environmental issues. A script for an award-winning play (Best in Fest at the 2013 Ottawa Fringe Festival) that takes a comedic, satirical view on climate change has been made available under a creative commons license for anyone who wishes to download it and use it for a local production.

How the World's Religions are Responding to Climate Change

How the World's Religions are Responding to Climate Change is a new book that exams perspectives on climate change as they relate to different religions across the globe.