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The Atlas of Health and Climate

The World Health Organization (WHO) and World Meteorological Organization (WMO) have collaborated to created the Atlas of Health and Climate, a document that draws linkages between climate change and the increase in diseases such as such as diarrhoea, malaria, meningitis and dengue fever.  As stated in the preface prepared by WHO Director General Dr. Margaret Chan and WMO Secretary General Michel Jarraud, the atlas "provides sound scientific information on the connections between weather and climate and major health challenges.

The United Nations Development Programme's site presents the United Nations Development Programme's (UNDP) 6,000+ development projects and 8,000 outputs in 177 countries and territories worldwide. It represents UNDP’s commitment to publish comprehensive, quality and timely information about aid flows and results. is a component of our implementation of the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) to which UNDP is a signatory.

Fossil Fuel Divestment Campaign

The Students for a Just and Stable Future of Harvard University initiated a campaign in September that calls for a divestment of Harvard’s endowment from the top 200 publicly-traded fossil fuel corporations. Supported by the Better Future Project and, Divest Harvard is the first Harvard student group in over half a decade that has gained enough signatures to qualify a referendum question for the student government elections and make fossil fuel divestment an official position of the Harvard College Undergraduate Council.

World Meteorological Organization press release: GHG has reached a record high

The World Meteorological Organization's (WMO) annual greenhouse gas (GHG) bulletin has noted that GHGs reached a record high in 2011.  In a press release put out to the public early this week, the WMO explains that a 30% increase in radiative forcing (the warming effect on climate) has occurred between 1990 and 2011.  Carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions are 85% responsible for this increase in radiative forcing, and atmospheric CO2 has increased to 40% above the pre-industrial level.

Imagine 2012 Conference: Summary Report

A summary report highlighting the key outcomes of the Imagine 2012 Conference has be prepared and released to the public.

Minds that matter: Report on the consultation on human rights, mental health and addictions

The Ontario Human Rights Commission has just released a report on human rights issues experienced by people with mental health and addictions.

SCI launches infrastructure costs and urban growth management guide!

Meeting the infrastructure needs of a rapidly growing population can often overwhelm the capacity of a city to pay for new infrastructure while maintaining its existing stock of roads, water and wastewater facilities, schools and other public facilities and services. Tackling these problems begins with local governments and their stakeholders and citizens making better choices on growth management – how, when and where a city should grow.

Sustainable Food Whiteboard

Developed by students of the Masters in Environment and Management program at Royal Roads University, the Sustainable Food Whiteboard serves as a virtual hub for projects and ideas on re-localizing food. This initiative is designed to build interest around and mobilize knowledge on food re-localization through spreading information and news on issues and strategies regarding sustainable food practices and creating connections between groups and people involved / interested in food re-localization efforts.

Water Research Group on Facebook

The Water Research Group was created through the School of Resource and Environmental Management at Simon Fraser University for the purpose of promoting water related research and professional activities of faculty and students. The main activities of this group include interdisciplinary research about freshwater resources, extension of research to academic, professional and public audiences, and academic and professional development of group members.

PowerShift 2012: October 26-29th

On the weekend of October 26-29th over 1,500 youth from all walks of life, coming from communities all across Canada will come together in Ottawa for a historic gathering to build the movement for a just and sustainable future. Including leading voices from the global movement to stop climate change, this gathering will empower our generation to chart a new pathway forward towards the world that we want.