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New resource links posted on "Degrowth: A Critical Juncture?" webpage

Two new links to resources have been posted on the webpage for our March workshop, Degrowth: A Critical Juncture?, on exploring new meanings for 'growth' and 'progress' and alternatives to the traditional economic model of constant growth:

QUEST has a new website!

Quality Urban Energy Systems of Tomorrow, QUEST, is a collaborative network of stakeholders who are actively working to make Canada a world leader in the design, development and application of Integrated Community Energy Solutions (ICES). Since its creation approximately 5 years ago, the QUEST Network has grown significantly and thus a new website has been created for connecting this increasing number of community builders from across Canada and around the world.

Building a Sustainable and Desirable Economy-in-Society-in-Nature

On March 30th 2012, CRC Research held a workshop entitled, Degrowth: A Critical Juncture?, which explored alternatives to relying on an economic model based on growing perpetually on a finite planet.

CURA H20 - Community Based Water Monitoring and Management

CURA H2O is a five-year Community-University Research Alliance (CURA) project funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada aimed at increasing community capacity for integrated water monitoring and management in Canada and abroad.

Moving Forward - Allons de l'avant

Narrated by Royal Roads University graduate, Raphael Shay, Moving Forward is a comprehensive review of the renewable energy technologies being used throughout New Brunswick. Join Raphael as he tours the Province of NB to connect with the people that are developing and paving way for a renewable energy future by exploring and implementing electricity-generating technologies, which rely on water, wind, sun, biomass and biogas.  Click here to access this documentary.

PCP News - August Greenhouse Gas Reduction Initiative of the Month

Both the City of Nanaimo and the Regional District of Nanaimo have purchased electric vehicles for their fleet operations in recent years and have installed charging stations for use by municipal fleet vehicles and residents alike. This article features the rationale behind the purchases and results of the vehicles' use in both municipalities. Access the article here.

Championing Public Health Nutrition, Fall 2012 events

The Centre for Science in the Public Interest is hosting two events in the Fall of 2012, Writing on the Wall and The Third Biennial Championing Public Health Nutrition Conference.  More information on either of these events can be seen below, and click here for registration information.

Writing on the Wall

Canada Green Building Council's Green Neighbourhoods Survey

As part of the Canada Green Building Council’s (CaGBC) mission to “Lead and accelerate the transformation to high-performing, healthy green buildings, homes and communities throughout Canada,” the CaGBC is continuing to develop programs and resources designed to support Canadian local governments in implementing sustainability initiatives. To determine what their next steps should be, the CaGBC has created a “Green Neighbourhoods” survey to gather your feedback.

The Housing Treadmill: An article from CCCR

In Canada (and many other nations), the housing market has outgrown the wage structure to such an extent that even middle-class professionals cannot afford to live in the cities which they serve. The life energy people must expend and the debt required to afford a home in some parts of Canada forecloses ownership except for those with capital or those that got into the market years ago. We can do better, much better.

The Kelowna Community Climate Action Plan

Kelowna City Council has recently endorsed the Kelowna Community Climate Action Plan. Through extensive consultation with staff, stakeholders, businesses and residents, critical action items for City departments, utility companies, senior government and stakeholders have been identified.