CRC News for February 2017

MC3 2.0: Peer-to-Peer Learning Exchange

On Friday, February 24, 2017, the MC3 2.0 Research Team hosted a virtual Peer-to-Peer Learning Exchange with a group of policy-makers and practitioners as well as leaders from NGO’s and the private sector. As part of the first phase of our research, we conducted interviews with participants from 11 Case Study Communities.

Newly Published MC3 2.0 e-Dialogue

Check out our latest e-Dialogue, MC3 2.0 Notes from the Fieldpublished on Changing the Conversation. We followed up on our previous conversation and continued the discussion of the second phase of the project.

New Map Featuring Social Innovation Labs Across Canada

Social innovation labs are sprouting up across Canada that efficiently combine multi-sectorial resources to solve wicked societal problems. Often supported by and housed in postsecondary institutions, labs foster collaboration between private/for profit, public/government, academic and nonprofit actors. But where are these labs located? How are they structured, housed, managed and financed? What are their successes and lessons learned? Our “Social Innovation Labs in Canada” project is an attempt to answer these questions using a sample of existing labs.