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ICSC - City-to-City learning report

ICSC - City-to-City learning report

City to City Learning report, written by Dr Nola-Kate Seymoar, Zoe Mullard and Marena Winstanley and reviewed by Dr Ann Dale.

World Changing Careers: Final Report

World Changing Careers

Final report from the World Changing Careers Conference at UBC, and for which the CRC hosted an e-Dialogue

Dr Ann Dale's new blog

Dear friends, I have just started a blog to communicate my CRC renewal at, I would very much appreciate if you would
make some comments when convenient to kickstart some interesting dialogue. I
would like to footnote the photography of my colleague, Dr. Jonathan Moran,
from RRU, and I haven't yet figured out how to make that visible on the
site,  many thanks, Ann

World Changing Careers e-Dialogue

The World Changing Careers e-dialogue is now available on-line in the e-dialogues archives.

Measuring the Potential of On-Line Tools for Transdisciplinary Research Collaboration

Research in the area of community level sustainable development provides a series of challenges not always encountered in other areas of investigation. As ecological and social systems are interconnected, complex, and unpredictable, their study falls outside of the usual disciplinary structure. Research in this area also requires the participation of local knowledge experts as they understand the histories of the ecological and social systems under study.

The Failure of Economic Incentives to Encourage Sustainable Community Development (CRC Discussion Paper 4)

Failure of Economic Incentives to Encourage Sustainable Community Development


“Incentives, if they are to work, must be meaningful within the overall context of consumer budgets and/or industrial capital plans, otherwise they are nothing more than just a give-away.”

Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO) e-Dialogues Report



Following the first phase of the Nuclear Waste Management Organization’s (NWMO) mandate, the
organization moved into the second phase which is to implement Canada’s management plan for used
nuclear fuel as decided by the Government of Canada. One of the first key activities in its work as
implementer was the collaborative design of the site selection process.
In August 2008, a discussion document inviting input to the design of a site selection process for the

Presentation on Integrated Community Sustainability Planning

Presentation on Integrated Community Sustainability Planning
Presentation given at the Environmental Studies Association of Canada Conference, June 5th 2008, University of British Columbia

Planning Tool: Integrated Community Sustainability Plan

Canadian municipalities are in the unique position of being at the forefront for realizing sustainable development in communities across Canada.

Sustainable Infrastructure: Final Report

Introducing the final report for the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada and Infrastructure Canada funded project examining the ability of Canadian communities to redirect their existing infrastructure to more sustainable forms.