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Solutions Agenda Part V - Mental Health

We have just released Part V of the Solutions Agenda, a discussion on mental health.

Head Space - A new video released on HEADTalks

See video

Created through a partnership between the Community Research Connections program and students of Royal Roads University's Professional Communications program, this video was designed as an evocative expression of mental health in the context of community well-being. The video was produced as a part of the Solutions Agenda, specifically created to complement research done on the role of mental health in fostering community sustainability.

Meta-Data Conceptual Relationships visualization released

We have just released the Meta-Data Conceptual Relationships visualization, another exploration of the themes of Place, innovation, Resilience and Anticipatory Governance.

Network for Business Sustainability (NBS) has released new resources on civic dialogue

Two new resources have been released through the Network for Business Sustainability (NBS) on importance of and best practices for civic dialogue. The development of these publications was informed in part through the input of CRC’s principle investigator, and these reports discuss the role of dialogue in sustainability. The publications can be downloaded from their respective webpages:

New visualization released: Conceptual frequency curve

We have recently released what we refer to as a conceptual frequency curve. This type of visualization was created for the MC3 project to identify the common concepts and ideas of the community case studies (and the research as a whole), allowing us to both examine over-arching themes and compare and contrast between the case studies.

MC3 Raindrop Plot Published

We have just released a raindrop plot, a deeper exploration of the research outcomes from our climate adaptation and mitigation research, MC3 case study data. This visualization highlights key concepts that were developed through discussions among the MC3 interdisciplinary team, using the case study protocol and research outcomes to guide our analysis.

Sustainability Blooming

A new video has been released on HEADTalks.

CRC Concept Area Map published

Continuing with our work on showing our research outcomes, we have just released another data visualization examining the themes of Place, Innovation, Resilience and Anticipatory Governance.

UPDATE: e-Dialogue on Mental Health Postponed

Our conversation on mental health will no longer take place today Friday, January 17th, and will be rescheduled for a future date.  We will post the new date on the conversation's webpage in the near future.