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Spaces and Flows - New HEAD Talks video

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We have just released a new video on CRC HEAD Talks. This video was a presentation made to the recent Spaces and Flows conference in Amsterdam, on November 23, 2013. Professor Ann Dale, Dr. Lenore Newman and Rob Newell explore what makes a place special, how people move through a space, what makes a person keep coming back again and again. The dynamic interplay of place, space, and time is examined through the video's imagery and flow.

Cooperatives and Sustainability: An investigation into the relationship

Last month, the International Cooperative Alliance (ICA) held their annual conference in Cape Town. One the presentations at this conference included reporting on the results of a partnership project, between Community Research Connections and the Sustainability Solutions Group, that investigated the relationship between the cooperative model and sustainable development.

MC3 Case Study Word Clouds

In line with our recent work on visualizations, we have just released a series of eleven word clouds through the MC3 website; one word cloud for each of the BC case communities.

New Case Study Released - Peg, the Winnipeg Community Indicators System

You get what you measure. Measure the wrong thing and you get the wrong behaviors.

~ John H. Lingle

New Visualization Released - MC3 Roundtable Word Cloud

A new visualization has been released in the CRC Visualizations section.

Cooperative: a new animation on HEAD Talks

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This animation conveys the issues that arise from 'the tragedy of the commons' (Hardin, 1968), a situation of resource depletion and/or pollution generation through people acting in their own self-interest around a common good (i.e., the environment). The animation then shows that these issues of resource depletion and adapting to new environmental conditions can be addressed through cooperative solutions.

Provincial Adaptation Case Studies

Two new case studies have been posted on the MC3 website. These studies provide province-level context to community climate change plans and initiatives by referring to provincial programs and their role in enabling local climate action. The case studies are available in both English and French.

CRC Navigation Map

We have just released an animated navigation map for the Community Research Connections website.

CRC Visualizations

The CRC Visualizations site has been released.